Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
Asheville Shuttle service and its employees will not guarantee or assume responsibility for any of the following:
All customer Travel Connections
Loading or unloading passengers
Any delays due to conditions beyond Asheville Shuttle service’s control. For example, road conditions, weather, traffic, or vehicle break down beyond.
If any of these conditions should happen and if Asheville Shuttle service is unable to complete transport to destination, only the cost of the Asheville Shuttle ticket will be refunded.
Asheville Shuttle service’s will not he held liable for the cost of any other transportation that is not provided by Asheville Shuttle service.
Asheville Shuttle will not assume any liability for flight delays if any of the above should occur.
Due to airline delays and cancellation of flights due to over bookings, weather, etc. Asheville Shuttle service is not responsible for such delays and therefore will not delay other passengers.
If your flight is cancelled or delayed, please contact the office as soon as possible to see if other departures have space.

Luggage Policies:
Asheville Shuttle assumes no monetary responsibility for lost or damaged luggage
Passengers luggage is the sole responsibility of the passengers. It is the passenger’s responsibility to insure their luggage is loaded and unloaded from the shuttle.
(As a courtesy, Asheville Shuttle drivers will assist passengers in loading luggage on and off of the shuttle.)
Asheville Shuttle services will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged luggage.
Passengers may bring no more than two full size pieces of luggage plus a carry-on. If you have additional luggage requirements please contact our office
Parking for our Asheville Shuttle passengers is allowed by the Clarion hotel for a fee that is to be arranged by the Clarion Hotel, we do not assume any responability for damage to any vehicle.
If you leave your vehicle in the parking lot you are taking that risk at your own discretion
Asheville Shuttle services are not responsible for any automobile left on the premises.

Fares are non-refundable.

Fares are non-refundable.

We will extend a travel credit for up to one year after original booking date under these conditions:

* Your reservation is canceled 24 hours before requested time.

* If your flight is delayed and you have contacted Asheville Shuttle 2 hours before requested time and provided flight information for verification.

-In the event of Delay if we have space on our next shuttle we can pick you at no charge as we understand there are a lot of variables to a travel day

 *If you prepay for your trip and can’t not make the requested time without a 2 hour notice to Asheville Shuttle. Asheville shuttle incurred a cost to travel and there will be an additional fare rate to come back at a late time. 

Specials will not be honored unless identified at time of reservation; are not refundable, changeable or retroactive.

Lost and Found

As a courtsey, Asheville Shuttle will hold lost and found items for a maximum of one week.
Government issued Photo ID required prior to boarding the shuttle.

Thank you for reviewing these terms and conditions and we apperciate your business!