-Government issued Photo ID required prior to boarding the shuttle.

-Minors are required to show School ID or a photocopy of birth certificate prior to boarding.

-Asheville Shuttle defines a minor as any passenger 12-17 years old.

-Car seats or booster seats are required on minors 5 years and younger

-Fares are non-refundable but can be used as travel credit for up to one year after original booking date only if you cancel 12 hours before requested time. *If you prepay for your trip and can’t not make the requested time without a 2 hour notice to Asheville Shuttle. Asheville shuttle incurred cost to travel and there will be an additional fare rate to come back at a late time. There will be one exception to this. If we have room on the next shuttle to accommodate you, there will no charge as we understand there are many things that can go wrong in a travel day. 

-No pets are allowed to travel on the shuttle with you.

-You are only allowed 2 check in bags +1 carry on. Any luggage in excess of 3 pieces will be $5 per additional piece.

-Please be present 15 minutes prior to departure time, as we do leave on time.